6 months in 1 breath

so I think it was fellow-Antipodeans-who-like-to-rock-the-party Flight of the Conchords who diagnosed the problem that when you’re doing cool things you could update your website with, you’re definitely way too busy to be updating a fricking website.

Lull Studio’s last 6 months included:

Other work programmed in these festivals:

The Lingering and the Stain winning Honorable Mention at LA Underground Film Forum

Our tiny side [music] project Actual Russian Brides shown in:

  • Richterfest, Moscow
  • International Music Video Underground, Paris
  • and many small shows in Japanese whiskey bars

Publication of:

  • ‘Terminal_emulator’ (Knox 2017) in Design Ecologies (Time Crimes), Intellect UK
  • ‘Affective ovation: Re-performing the dehumanised woman onscreen’ (Knox 2017) in Studies in Theatre and Performance

Presentations at:

And a bunch more stuff but now this post is boring and sounds like a CV. We promise to do better. Here’s a robot.

Elena and Alter

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