6 months in 1 breath

so I think it was fellow-Antipodeans-who-like-to-rock-the-party Flight of the Conchords who diagnosed the problem that when you’re doing cool things you could update your website with, you’re definitely way too busy to be updating a fricking website.

Lull Studio’s last 6 months included:

Other work programmed in these festivals:

The Lingering and the Stain winning Honorable Mention at LA Underground Film Forum

Our tiny side [music] project Actual Russian Brides shown in:

  • Richterfest, Moscow
  • International Music Video Underground, Paris
  • and many small shows in Japanese whiskey bars

Publication of:

  • ‘Terminal_emulator’ (Knox 2017) in Design Ecologies (Time Crimes), Intellect UK
  • ‘Affective ovation: Re-performing the dehumanised woman onscreen’ (Knox 2017) in Studies in Theatre and Performance

Presentations at:

And a bunch more stuff but now this post is boring and sounds like a CV. We promise to do better. Here’s a robot.

Elena and Alter

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very very niche 2017 world tour





       Lull Studios is recently selected for…

Athens Digital Arts Festival: POSTFUTURE (art film: Pathetic Fallacy)

Noisefloor Festival (music video: This Haus)

Cairo Video Festival (art film: Pathetic Fallacy)

The Refugee! Film Collection, CologneOFF (art film: Radical Hospitality)

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Profile in Art News New Zealand

Just getting around to scanning this lovely article covering the work of Lull Studio’s Elena Knox, Stelarc, and Simon Ingram. Print publication only! Glossy!

It was written during the Alter exhibition at Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland, and talks about post-humanism. By Julian McKinnon @freefalljim. Curated by Deborah Lawler-Dormer.

More coverage of this exhibition, Elena’s work and its ideas in the New Zealand Herald.


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2017 projects underway…

Snoösphere is funded by Australia Council for the Arts!

It will premiere in The Big Anxiety Festival 2017 in Sydney, presented by NIEA.

We’ll update our project page as it comes. Snoösphere will involve and embrace artists that inspire us, who are working with interactivity and the senses. First up Mr Frank Feltham and his kinetic sonic flooring:



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Yum, gizzards

Here we are in Tokyo, eating all the bits of chicken izakaya, drinking hot sake and discussing the proliferation of 2-dimensional images in architecture with Satoru from BuildingLandscape. Let’s do this thing!

Posed photo:



More like how it was IRL:



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Robots and the Bauhaus

Lots of news lately, can’t keep up with the news.

Elena has been awarded a two-year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Waseda University, from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), for her work with gynoid robots. Super exciting: this will contribute to a new long-form performance, and a new film, Ningyo Kuyo—Love is Dead, both Tokyo-based! Starts November.

Lindsay’s latest publication is out: You Are Hear is featured in the book Expanded Architecture: Temporal Spatial Practices by Bauhaus Dessau, in the Art | Architecture | Design | Research (AADR) series. Thanks to Claudia Perren and Sarah Breen Lovett, editors extraordinaire.

Reinventing the Wheel by Lull Studios was featured in Off the Wall at the Art and Literature Laboratory, Madison Wisconsin.


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Intone award nomination

Lull Studios’ main musical project and fabulous band Actual Russian Brides curated this album Intone: Voice Abstractions for Clan Analogue Recordings last year…

…and it’s received a nomination for the Australian Art Music Awards in the category Excellence in Experimental Music. So we’re pretty proud of that.

‘Intone’ manages to cover an extremely wide range of sonic territory within its thematic remit, with consistently interesting results. Cyclic Defrost


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Missing the view

Returned to the Sydney studio after our time in K11 Art Village, Wuhan, China.

Wuhan studioDSCF8188 copy

There’s our video sculpture in progress. Looking forward to the K11 + Videotage + ISEA show re:fuse in Hong Kong, opening on 20 May!

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Our media façade design Beholder is receiving an Honourable Mention for the 2016 open call at the Open Sky Gallery in Hong Kong, to be bestowed at an upcoming event in May. Here it is on the 500m-high façade of Hong Kong’s International Commerce Centre (ICC). More at the project page.


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Artists show face for peace

Lull Studios’ video Drawn and Quartered is showing next week in Shillong, India as part of ://self-imaging, curated by artvideo.koeln for CologneOFF. Another one we wish we could see in person, though we’ll be happy to be in residence at the stunning Wuhan Art Village making new work for Videotage.


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