Elena Knox

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HD video, stereo sound, 6 minutes 15 seconds

Two gameshow hostesses communicate through their allotted medium: applause. In a sparsely extradimensional studio where letterboard, wheel and quizmaster have been usurped by a large illuminated 'O', they applaud with ever-increasing enthusiasm, trading rhythms until their compulsory clapping turns uncannily compulsive.

Ovation is part of a suite of works plotting and re-staging the finite gestural vocabulary of hostesses across a range of genres, periods and cultures.

Artist: Elena Knox
Composer: Bree van Reyk
Light and camera: Campbell Drummond
Camera assist: Matt Fatches
Sound: Lindsay Webb
Performance: Claire Edwardes, Bree van Reyk
Makeup and hair: Glitta Supanova
Edit and colour: Elena Knox
Stills: Matt Fatches
Production: Lull Studio


Visionaria, Siena, Italy 2017
Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival, San Diego 2017
Cairo Video Festival 2015
Beyond Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, UNSW Galleries, Sydney 2015
Film Cunst, Brenda May Gallery 2014
Sizzle, Ensemble Offspring 2014