Elena Knox

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The House that Jacqueline Built


Digital video, stereo sound, 4 minutes 20 seconds

The House that Jacqueline Built is inspired by the artists’ ambivalent reactions and relationships to pornographic imagery and didactic hip hop videos. The work was filmed in-studio and on Sydney’s red-light district streets, then photographed via an old television set. Originally performed live with vocals, bass and drums, it has been digitised for screening and installation.

Direction and text: Elena Knox, Rowena Hall
Light and camera: Rowena Hall
Music and edit: Elena Knox
Performance: Andrea, Flick, Steve, Ed Goyer, James Haselwood, Elena Knox
Production: Butcherbird


Fleshed Out, Ariel Booksellers, Sydney 2011
Global Gallery, Sydney 2007
Space3 Gallery, Sydney 2006