Elena Knox

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Digital video, stereo sound, 5 minutes 28 seconds

Feed is a newsfeed of references to threats of Asian expansion, alien invasion, racial mortality and decreasing space due to global overpopulation. The video counterpoints its paranoiac text with an investigation into self-observation via contemplation and stasis. The images of ancient buddhas silently quest for and question what it might be to attain enlightenment and immortality, whilst simultaneously signifying the erosion over time of the body and all physical things.

Feed Still Feed Still

The soundtrack of Feed is a singing building, and was produced by placing contact microphones on structural beams and architectural surfaces of a disused railyard edifice — a post-industrial temple revealing its constant self-contained chant or hymn.

Direction and text: Elena Knox
Camera, edit and colour: Elena Knox
Sound: Lindsay Webb
Production: Lull Studio


Richterfest, Moscow 2017
Façade Videofestival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2011
Fleshed Out, Ariel Booksellers, Sydney 2011
Skulduggery, Blankspace Gallery, Sydney 2009
New Directions: Australian Poetry Festival, Sydney 2009