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Aural Vision


Aural Vision: Rocks In Your Head was a collaboration in Residency between electronics engineer/video artist Ed Leckie and architect/sound artist Lindsay Webb in November 2013. It was hosted by Expanded Architecture in an historic house in The Rocks, Sydney, Australia, and culminated in an immersive performative event for a 4 hour duration.

Artist statement

Aural Vision is a search for a synaesthetic space state. The Rocks generates a complex aural universe. We have been capturing is particularities and offer them tonight via an alternate expressive form.  

You are entering an electronic system where diverse audio and visual field recordings are sampled and mixed live into a modular video synthesizer. The synthesizer converts visual and sound information into control voltages, which can now cross-modulate one another.

This modulation is patched and composed live into video and video feedback systems. Signal is re-captured and mapped on(in)to heritage windows, creating a visual eardrum and fusing The Rocks' sensory data into a discrete space of body-filtered architecture.



Catalogue Reverse Projections
2013 Residency in The Rocks for Expanded Architecture
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