Beyond Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Topping four years of doctoral research, art making and production, Elena’s Beyond Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was singled out as a representative major exhibition at UNSW Galleries, UNSW Art & Design’s flagship gallery. Occupying the entire ground level space for January, the 10 video works on display – Actroid Series 1 – enthralled adults and children alike, with special attention from some major institutions from home and abroad. Here’s hoping the momentum continues through 2015 towards the next round of works.

As production house for the series, Lull Studios acknowledges the many hands and minds that have generously contributed to these art videos, usually for glory over money. A big kiss to all involved – Campbell Drummond, Lian Loke, Velvet Loke, Vivien Mason, Bree Van Reyk, Claire Edwardes, Matt Fatches, Jessica Knox, Anna Crawford, Sylvia Colegrove, Zach Santa Maria, Simone Gooch, Maylei Hunt, Kirsten Packham, Paul Warren, Tom Rivard – we love youse all.


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