CRT crazee

The debut of Cathode Ray Trio went splendidly at 107 Projects on Thursday night. We will try to cut up some video of it pronto. This work deserves development and lots of audiences! Bravo Lindsay, Ed and Lian, you nutters.

for modular synthesizers and mover

In a rapidly digitizing creative world order, C.R.T. seizes on seemingly redundant analogue technologies to suggest a sound, light and movement environment for three performers united through one electrical network.

C.R.T. reflects that physical networks are not only the skeletons of the current techno-corpus, but also the neural transmitters through which we can perceive and sense the world’s energy.

As fleeting artifact, C.R.T. takes on purposefully humanoid proportions in a push-and-pull performance. The confounding material presence of this largely rejected, outdated tech is poised to re-volt.

Sound: Lindsay Webb
Vision: Ed Leckie
Movement: Lian Loke


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