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Volcana Brainstorm ・ ヴォルカナ ブレインストーム

or. How to make shrimp feel sexy

2019 and 2020 Participatory installation and performance

For the Koganecho Bazaar festival's theme New Menagerie, this project involves the local community in creatively solving a current challenge of science. Our approach is speculative, poetic and humorous, but it is based in scientific research, and might even have implications for the future of life on Earth and beyond! Volcana Brainstorm creates a diverse “think-tank” dedicated to brainstorming an intriguing challenge over six weeks. It climaxes in a collaborative show in a former-brothel-turned-gallery, presenting all the solutions we worked up during the Koganecho residency. We are producing an exhibition/laboratory involving various forms of displays and events. The installation spans performance, video/audio, text, music, bio- and mechanical art, internet art, object design — because we approach our puzzle from many angles, using art-based lateral thinking to assist where science has gotten stuck. Volcana Brainstorm’s unique and fascinating challenge takes into account the history of Koganecho as a red-light district, but its focus is playfully positioned in the (marine) animal world.

For a comprehensive project description, list of partcipating artists and media reviews, please refer to

Yokohama Triennale 2020, Japan, July 3 – October 11 (hot lava edition)
Koganecho Bazaar 2019, Japan, September 20 – November 4