Elena Knox

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Waiting on You


Acrylic, resin board, gold and silver leaf, digital video, fan, electronics, Dollfie

Media sculpture Waiting on You contains a gynoid robot lounging in wait for her next client; she passes the time by watching an advertisement for her own services on a city billboard.

Begun in residence at K11 Art Village, Wuhan, the body of work The Gynoid's Guide to Continuous Service surveys the scene in the not-so-distant future when hyper-real fembots are integrated, in service mode, into existing patriarchal fabrics and socio-industrial complexes. It imagines what 'life' is like for the gynoid, and presents a manual for 'her' professional performance.

See also Gynoid Survival Kit, Having It All

Roboticist: Rozen Zebetto
Architect: Lindsay Webb


re:fuse, Chi K11 Art Space, Hong Kong 2016


Short video here