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You Are Hear


You Are Hear is a collaboration between composer Amanda Cole and architect/sound artist Lindsay Webb. An immersive sonic installation in the iconic lobby of Australia Square, Sydney, it was commissioned and hosted by Expanded Architecture in November 2014 as part of the Temporal Formal at Seidler City exhibition. The artists undertook a geometrical analysis of the lobby structure designed by architect Harry Seidler and Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi in 1967, and used this analysis to develop a microtonal composition within the MAX/MSP graphical programming environment. Installed in the circular lobby, 20 discrete sonic sources created a dense and changeable aural environment to be discovered through continuous, circuitous ambulation.

Artist statement

20 intersecting sonic zones bring to life a geometric and microtonal analysis of the radially segmented, curvilinear ceiling.

As you move around Australia Square's tower lobby, you are geolocating via the sonics of the ceiling. The volumetric space becomes a 3D map. Each point sounds like no other. Aurally and architecturally subjective, you are hear.



A recording made while walking around (inside and outside) the Australia Square lobby can be heard hear
A book publication of the exhibition is coming soon from Expanded Architecture and AADR
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